CLO Standalone 5.0 Download 64 Bit

CLO Standalone 5.0 is a comprehensive and complete software design of 3D apparel design software developed by CLO Software Group. With complete and comprehensive features, CLO Standalone 5.0 meets your 3D design requirements. As long as you’ve worked with 3D designer apparel, you know well that most of the existing software cannot meet your needs thoroughly, but the CLO Standalone 5.0 software has been well and easily managed in an environment User-friendly and with a complete visual pattern, all your needs are met.

According to the maker, CLO Standalone 5 can fully meet all your 3D design needs and is among the most popular software. The company is introducing CLO Standalone as it is inevitable that, as we are close to a truly global economy, the process is moving faster and more than ever.

CLO Standalone 5.0 Download 64 Bit

Our organizational solution, CLO innovation, is all about these precise measures. CLO Standalone, with the proper graphics environment, compatibility with most operating systems and hardware, and the presence of guidance and training in the Help section makes it unnecessary to download and test other software.


  • The simplicity of working with software.
  • Support for all types of physical properties of fabrics.
  • Pattern modification synchronization and 3-D drape for interactive design.
  • Supports 3D modeling software like 3ds Max, Maya.
  • Supports full design patterns.
  • Perform sewing operations and connecting plot parts.
  • Carry out all garment operations including designing, sewing and displaying clothes in modeling.
  • Field environment.
  • A very versatile three-dimensional design of clothing.
  • 3D application design of apparel.
  • Design a three-dimensional garment with the last time.
CLO Standalone 5.0 Download 64 BitCLO Standalone 5.0 Download 64 Bit
CLO Standalone 5.0 Download 64 Bit For Windows

Powerful software for designing three-dimensional clothing.

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