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The Dg Foto Art Gold 2019 v6.0 Download software is designed to create digital albums. Dg Foto Art Gold utilizes a powerful design engine that helps you get out of your digital album in minutes.

Review Of Dg Foto Art Gold 2019 v6.0 Download

The Dg Foto Art Gold Latest version has a series of advanced features compared to the classic version of Dg Foto Art Gold. The Dg Foto Art Gold software has tools such as surface, curve, and charts that have been added to help with color correction. It also has many image editing tools like the Cloning and Magic Wand tools, as well as a bunch of newly added image enhancement tools such as shine, lines, and XY rotation.

Dg Foto Art Gold 2019 Download

Gold is the most complicated and advanced suite to generate digital photograph album. This strong engine has the capability to generate great albums very speedy and so is known for its best output. Gold is developed by including complex facets to the classic model for full image management. Tools like Levels, Histograms and Curves have been delivered that help in coloration correction. Gold also has a massive range of photo editing equipment like the Magic Wand and Cloning Tool and also affords a bunch of newly added photo improvement equipment like Glows, X-Y rotation, and so Outlines.

Features Of Dg Foto Art Gold 2019 v6.0 Download

  • Supports 9 different languages.
  • Also, 1700 standby category.
  • Ability to change existing templates and create new ones.
  • A huge library of borders, masks, clipart, and backgrounds.
  • Color correction tool.
  • All in all, Tips for combining detailed images.
  • Multiple lines, shiny, X-Y rotation.
  • B / W and six preset items plus an option to create new colors.
  • In addition, Uniform background cutter.
  • Display system for managing photos and album pages.
  • All in all, Printing on paper.
  • Take advantage of the slideshow tool to save your print costs.
  • Direct output in JPG, BMP, or any other global graphics format.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1
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