Ekahau HeatMapper Download 32-64 Bit

Wi-Fi usage has become a widespread issue today. Of course, many of you have a wireless router at your work or home and use it to connect to your Internet or network.

Sometimes it happens that there is a connection with problems such as low signal strength and loses communication. A solution to resolve the problems associated with W-Fi is the use of related software. You can improve the performance of these networks using a series of software to analyze and troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks. Stay up to date with the introduction of free software to help us improve our Wi-Fi problem.

If you intend to seriously investigate and troubleshoot your W-Fi network and analyze it, you can use the Heatmapper software. HeatMapper is an appropriate option.

Ekahau HeatMapper Download 32-64 Bit

Initially download the software and install it on your laptop, then start moving on your Wi-Fi network. With Ekahau HeatMapper you can create a map of the area covered and the amount of Wi-Fi power you have on your network.


  • Improve the performance of the networks.
  • Create a map of the area covered.
  • Resolve the problems associated with W-Fi.
Ekahau HeatMapper Download 32-64 BitEkahau HeatMapper Download 32-64 Bit
Ekahau HeatMapper Download 32-64 Bit For Windows

Resolve the problems associated with W-Fi.

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