Lumenzia 10.8 Download 32-64 Bit

Lumenzia 10.8 Download 32-64 Bit free download latest model is the one to control the luminosity of the images.

Review Of Lumenzia 10.8

Using extraordinary effects and masks, it adjusts the masks to brighten the photos in photoshop. It is a professional surrounding with an easily comprehensible environment that presents simple picks to enhance digital images.

So there are exclusive Photoshop plugins that enhance the pictures by performing a vast range of adjustments.

Lumenzia affords different masks standards and helps apply masks on a single or a couple of layers. Turn the pixels brighter or darker as well as cover different masks to get the preferred results. A wide variety of other equipment and masks are there to improve the average experience. On concluding notes, it is a reliable software for adjusting the luminosity of the images with minimal effort.

Free Download Lumenzia 10.8

Lumenzia 10.8 32-64 Bit

  • A powerful plugin for photoshop
  • Enhances the luminosity of the images
  • Apply extraordinary effects and so masks
  • Brighten the pix and so perform different corrections
  • Ready 22 Mask standards and so helps apply masks to layers
  • Choose the pixels to darken or brighten for correct customizations
  • 11 zone covering systems with two custom quarter pickers
  • Custom range picker to choose visual tiers of mid-tones
  • Darker or lighter the masks and so saturation masks
  • Many other effective features

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Lumenzia 10.8 Free DownloadLumenzia 10.8 Free Download
Lumenzia 10.8 Download 32-64 Bit For Windows

A powerful plugin for Photoshop.

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