OkMap Desktop 14.11.2 Download x64

OkMap Desktop 14.11.2 Download x64 is one of the most and powerful software and application making maps from scratch. OkMap Desktop 14.11.2 Download x64 now you can get from Getpczone with the direct download single link fast speed high dedicated server pause and resume available for all time you can get. OkMap Desktop 14.11.2 Free Download comes with new features and new updates from OkMap company. we provide just a trial version for 30 days only, if you want to buy this software so please go to his company. please click on below download link.

OkMap Desktop 14.11.2 Free Download is an effective software for mapping, studying and showing GPS data. With this application, you can upload virtual maps or even maps you’ve got bought online. OkMap Desktop 14.11.2 Free Download is also capable of receiving vector information in numerous formats and DEM information associated with postal information and terrain elevations. Free Download OkMap Desktop 14.11 lets in you to prepare your trips the use of stations, badges, and routes and transfer this obedience to the preferred GPS device. Automatically adjusts the height facts of different parts and might estimate the mileage time. Additionally, Free Download OkMap Desktop 14.11 provides functions that allow you to mechanically navigate and set geographic coordinates.

Download OkMap Desktop 14.11.0 Multilingual

You can connect your GPS device to the computer and switch the records saved in it to the program and examine the end result on the map you want to view. Free Download OkMap Desktop 14.11 could be very useful. If you need to peer your direction stay at the map, you could connect the GPS tool for your laptop and start moving. The Download OkMap Desktop 14.11 indicates you all the traveled routes live on the map. Even with a software connection to the Internet, you are capable of store live facts on a remote pc. Download OkMap Desktop 14.11 is also able to hook up with Google Maps and Google Inheritance maps, for instance by the use of Google Inheritance you could view the animated, 3D-rendered course on Earth, which is a very appealing feature. You Can Also Download CATIA Composer R2020 Multilingual Free


  • Display the net map for greater than forty servers
  • Ability to feature new custom web map servers
  • Calibration / Display of raster maps (extra than 30 picture formats) (video)
  • Show a vector map
  • Show a hybrid map
  • Ability to open a couple of maps at the identical time
  • Top 10 maximum used cartographic predictions
  • These include the coordinate displays: grades, degrees – minutes, degrees – minutes – seconds, UTM, ECEF, Geoff, United States National Grid, UK Grid (National Grid for Ordnance Survey), Irish Grid, Metric Coordinates.
  • Database with over 3,200 selected estimates by way of the geographical area
  • Database with extra than 750 data
  • View 3D raster maps in Google Earth (for supported image b)
  • Night vision
  • Full display map view
  • Map plugin management (icons, expressions)
  • Vector Information Management (point, multipoint, line, polygon)
  • GPS Data Management (Waypoints, Tracks, Paths)
  • File Manager
  • Choose many things with a rat
  • Text menu (right mouse)
  • Automatic reporting function
  • Zoom, Auto, Zoom on selected item functions
  • The 3-state motion mapping function
  • Peacocks
  • Customize Toolbar Set
  • Yes / No Showing toolbar
OkMap Desktop 14.11.0 MultilingualOkMap Desktop 14.11.0 Multilingual
OkMap Desktop 14.11.2 Download x64 For Windows

Outstanding software for making maps from scratch.

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