Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Download

A visual modeling and design tool based on the OMG UML.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows XP
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Software description

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 14 is a specially designed software for designing and programming graphs based on the UML integrated language design language. Version 2.1 of this design language supports version 2.4.1 and supports users and programmers. By using it, they can design their own models.

Like any other IDE program, the development environment of this software has a user-friendly programming environment based on object-oriented and visual capabilities, and users can use their own projects based on popular programming languages ​​such as Delphi, Visual Basic, C #, C # Plus, Visual Basic .NET, and even PHP.

Features such as code integration, automatic detection of errors in programming codes, the possibility of automatic error correction within the software. It also supports Cobra and Python programming languages.

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Download

The simple interface of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect has made it easy to escape from the complex application environment of the software and take refuge in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. Because Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 14.1 environment is not wide-spread, you can program Case Files, Logical, Dynamic, and Physical as easily as you can with the Word application environment.


  • Compatibility with MS Word.
  • The database schema can be logged.
  • High speed.
  • Has a Spell Checker.
  • Enter binary codes from Java and .NET.
  • Possibility to display XSD and WXSD codes.
  • Supports reverse engineering codes in more than 10 programming languages.
  • Multiuser.
  • Convert mda.
  • Testing, tracking and maintenance.
  • Ability to import and extract XML 2.1.
  • Data modeling, database engineering.

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