CDex 2.14 Download

CDex 2.14 is a very useful software utility for ripping the contents of audio discs. As you know, audio parts from artists and singers all over the country are now available in the form of audio discs. If you’ve also recently purchased your favorite artist’s audio disc, you might have a lot of problems with transferring parts to the computer. Audio parts in these discs cannot be directly copied or transferred to portable systems or devices and portable players.

In fact, how to burn such disks in such a way that they completely change the format and make it impossible to copy them. But in this article from the Yas Download site, we introduce the software to your loved ones that can greatly simplify the process of ripping. CDex 2.14 lets you easily convert music from audio discs to MP3, FLAC, AAC, WMA, OGG formats and use them in a variety of devices. You can now download the latest version of CDex software from the latest Yas website.

CDex 2.14 Download


  • Seamless recording of multiple tracks.
  • Read the album information and save to the cdplayer.ini file.
  • Read and save album information to a local database or remote CD (CDDB).
  • CD-Text support (if supported by CD-ROM).
  • Normalize the audio signal.
  • Supports many CD-Drive and many manufacturers.
  • Convert WAV files.
  • Supports M3U and PLS.
  • Supports multiple languages.
CDex 2.14 DownloadCDex 2.14 Download
CDex 2.14 Download For Windows

Ripping the contents of audio discs.

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