Atlantis Word Processor Download

Atlantis Word Processor Download is a standalone phrase processor for both expert writers and those who create archives only occasionally. Powerful and feature-rich, supercompact and lightning fast, user-friendly, and absolutely customizable, it will let you work on your own terms.

Review Of Atlantis Word Processor

Atlantis Word Processor 4 Free Download, Being an offline phrase processor, Atlantis doesn’t require an Internet connection to function. Work securely on your important documents, and share them with others solely when you really want them.

Free Download Atlantis Word Processor supports a large range of Windows variations right from 2000 and XP all the way to the modern-day versions and can be used even on computer systems with modest resources.

The many enhancing options protected in the Atlantis word processor provide a lot of freedom to the user. He can change the font shade and size, bold chosen parts of the text, underline them, or write in italics. The spellcheck choice is especially beneficial when you want to dispose of potential mistakes; It is additionally worth the use of the autocorrect function accountable for correcting misspelled words. Therefore, the tool is best not solely for people writing text, but also for customers who do, for example, proofreading.

Atlantis Word Processor Download

The Atlantis word processor gives an interface that can be modified freely. We decide which menu items, toolbars, or shortcuts are to be displayed in the fundamental program window. There is additionally an option to pick out the most used fonts that will be displayed at the top of the listing of individual fonts, alongside with many other facets that make everyday work easier.

Free Download Atlantis Word Processor is a word processor with charisma. With a special look and feel, it presents features you will now not find somewhere else. You May Also Get Sweet Home 3D 7 Download for Windows 10, 11, 7

Features Of Atlantis Word Processor

  • Simple and an intuitive user interface
  • All in all, Supports processing all the file formats
  • Add footnotes, table of contents, date and time, symbols, etc.
  • In addition, Change the personality case and the language
  • Making file associations reconfigure program shortcuts and more.
  • All in all, Built-in spell-checking, autocorrelation, and hyphenation features
  • Supports DOC, DOCX, COD, RTF, TXT, and so different document formats
  • Customize the coloration schemes, underline misspellings, and more
  • Creating files from scratch or enhancing the existing documents
  • Provides a prosperous set of features for modifying and so creating the documents
  • Customize the format of every textual element of the documents
  • Undo and so redo functions with search functionality.
  • All in all, Change the viewing mode and control the toolbars
Free Download Atlantis Word Processor 4.1Free Download Atlantis Word Processor 4.1
Atlantis Word Processor Download For Windows

Supports DOC, DOCX, COD, RTF, TXT, and different document formats.

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