Double-Cut 1.1.5 for Sketchup 2017 – 2022 Download

Double-Cut 1.1.5 for Sketchup 2017 – 2022 Download: This plugin is used to automatically cut one or both sides of a wall in Sketchup software to create all kinds of doors and windows.

Review Of Double-Cut 1.1.5 for Sketchup 2017 – 2022

This plugin saves you time as it automatically updates the two slices when you move, rotate, and scale the door or window after placing it. This plugin works with any component, including components loaded from Warehouse 3D. Download the double-cut sketchup plugin free also supports section cutting using the built-in explode feature.

Double-Cut Plugin for Sketchup: A Sketchup plugin for automatically cutting one or both sides of a wall to create all kinds of windows and doors. This plugin performs two cuts when you move, rotate, or scale a door or window after placing it.

double-cut sketchup plugin free

Areas update automatically, saving you valuable time. Double-Cut works with all components, including those loaded from Warehouse 3D, and is also compatible with section cuts using the built-in explode functionality that remains in the software. You May Also Search for JewelCAD Pro 2.2.3 Download 32-64 Bit

Features Of Double-Cut 1.1.5 for Sketchup 2017 – 2022

  • An impressive extension that allows the SketchUp cutting component to automatically cut thick walls.
  • Considered a must-have plugin for interior designers and architects.
  • It works behind the scenes and customizes window and door openings created by cropping.
  • SketchUp components during editing.
  • Automatically responds to standard SketchUp tools.
  • When you move the door, the opening automatically moves with it.

Double-Cut 1.1.5 for Sketchup 2017 - 2022 Download

Double-Cut | Modifying Cutting Components

You’ll probably often want to use double cut with a window or door component that you didn’t create yourself many models in the 3d warehouse will cut openings automatically when imported for example.

I’ll bring in this Cobie window this component is set to glue and cut and its axes are in the right position with red and green along the face of the wall when I edit the component and remove all nested groups and components the ungrouped edges that remain are sufficient to do the cutting but not all 3d warehouse models are set up in a way that automatically cuts openings I have this oval window imported from the 3d warehouse.

I’ll bring it into the model and it doesn’t cut or align according to the outliner this window is composed of three nested components if I select them all and hide them nothing remains in view which means that no cutting edges are available for use so I’ll need to add those edges and I’ll also need to set the correct component axes first the edges I’ll hide the green outer frame opens the wooden inner frame and double-click its front face which selects the face and its edges.

I’ll shift-click the face to unselect it and I’ll copy the selected edges there are two sets of closed edges here the outer loop will be used for cutting going back to the main level of the edited component I’ll paste the
edges in place.

I’ll unhide the outer frame and close the component now when I hide the nested components I have my cutting edges the recommended workflow is to have just one set of cutting edges so I’ll delete
the inner edges now for the axes, I’ll right-click on the window and choose change axes the origin
location isn’t important as long as the cutting edges are in the red-green plane I can place the origin anywhere.

Along the back of the outer frame set the red access to the right and the green straight up so that the blue points forward the last step is to select the component in the components window and open the Edit tab the component needs to glue two faces and cut openings I’ll bring in one of these components and when I glue it to a wall it cuts through double-cut is great for doors as well I have a door in my model which also doesn’t align or cut first I’ll open the component and add a rectangle for cutting edges along the back of the frame this adds a face which I can erase then.

I’ll close the component and set the axes this time I’ll start at the lower back corner of the frame set red to the right and green pointing up the last step and edit the component to glue and cut now I’ll place and cut through now say I want to remove the transom from this door, I’ll open the component removes the transoms move the top of the frame down and remove extra edges the wall cut hasn’t changed however because the component editing didn’t include modifying the cutting edges so I can edit the component again and move the top cutting edge down because the cut didn’t entirely update correctly.

I’ll select the door and click the refresh icon to fix it if I know that the wall thickness is here and won’t change I can edit this component to fit perfectly then add some trim on the back I’ll insert another perfectly fitting copy in the next video I’ll demonstrate double cuts explode feature.

Double-Cut 1.1.5 for Sketchup 2017 - 2022Double-Cut 1.1.5 for Sketchup 2017 - 2022
Double-Cut 1.1.5 for Sketchup 2017 – 2022 Download For Windows

Double-Cut Plugin for Sketchup: A Sketchup plugin for automatically cutting one or both sides of a wall to create all kinds of windows and doors.

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