Driver Magician 5.21 Download

One of the major problems that computer users face is the inability to back up, update, and restore the drivers installed on the operating system. Losing drivers without any support, choosing the wrong driver by the user, or spending too much time. Finding the latest and up-to-date drivers, as well as the inability to restore the drivers installed in the system, creates a new requirement for users that Driver Magician software is capable of.

It is a magical and powerful tool for updating, backing up, restoring and removing drivers installed for the old and new Microsoft operating systems. With incredible power, Driver Magician 5 can detect all system hardware, extract drivers based on hardware found in the drive, and finally back up and save the drivers at the desired location.

By using the utility tool provided by Driver Magician 5.21, when the operating system is upgraded or reinstalled, the user can, as simple as possible, in the shortest possible time, restore all backup drives to their original state and After restarting the operating system, get the system hardware up to date with the drivers it needs.

Driver Magician 5.21 Download

But the superiority of Driver Magician 5 is to use a large and up-to-date database for all of the world’s most prominent hardware on its site. Driver Magician 5.21 allows the user to be notified of the latest updates of their drivers while the user is online.


  • Backup the operating system drivers with 4 new ways
  • Build an installation file to restore backed up files without the need to install and run the software
  • Restore the backup of drivers with just one click
  • Update system drivers for the best stability, speed, and durability
  • Erase the drivers installed on the system
  • Updating the database of hardware identifiers and the database of new updates
  • Identify unknown drivers in the system and help the user to install it
  • Back up and restore other items other than drivers, such as registry and documents
  • Displays general information about hardware and drivers
Driver Magician 5.21 DownloadDriver Magician 5.21 Download
Driver Magician 5.21 Download For Windows

Driver Magician is a professional solution for backing up or backing up, repairing, updating.

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