ExamDiff Pro Master Edition 10.0 Download 32-64 Bit

ExamDiff Pro Master Edition 10.0 is a professional and powerful software for comparing your file types and folders. The ExamDiff Pro Master Edition has professional tools for intelligent comparison of your computer’s files and folders, in fact, the tools included in ExamDiff Pro Master Edition 10.0 provide unique features that are not found in the same software. If you are frustrated by comparing files with other similar tools, we will add your comment to the professional ExamDiff Pro Master Edition.

Have you ever had a lot of volumes in the same way on your hard disk? Sometimes these volume files may be occupied by many of your hard disks. Therefore, it needs to be able to identify the same files for the same software so that you can remove the same files and save them in the hard disk space.

ExamDiff Pro Master Edition 10.0 Download 32-64 Bit

ExamDiff Pro Master Edition can compare all types of text, binary, and even file folders and their contents. This ExamDiff Pro Master Edition displays the differences of text files in the form of highlighted syntaxes and provides various methods for integrating folders. With the help of ExamDiff Pro Master Edition, you can sync and synchronize the types of folders you want to have the same content. The software supports Unicode, WordPress and Drag & Drop is one of the most popular tools for comparing files.


  • Doing different triples and merging.
  • Hybridization of syntax documents.
  • Fuzzy Line Matching.
  • Ability to detect transmitted text blocks.
  • Auto Directory Autoconfiguration.
  • Panel Inspector Line for easy detection of differences in lines.
  • Ability to add manual coordinate points to compare text files.
  • Compare directly from Windows Explorer.
  • Allows editing of the file inside file comparison page.
  • Allow copying, renaming and deleting files or directories.
  • Save file differences in the standard Unix file DIFF or a dynamic HTML web page.
  • Preview print reports.
  • Easy navigation through differences.
  • Advanced search features.
  • Supports Drag and Drop.
ExamDiff Pro Master Edition 10.0 Download 32-64 BitExamDiff Pro Master Edition 10.0 Download 32-64 Bit
ExamDiff Pro Master Edition 10.0 Download 32-64 Bit For Windows

ExamDiff Pro is a commercial software utility for visual file and directory comparison,

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