WinSnap 5.0.7 Download 32-64 Bit

Download WinSnap 5.0.7 is a great application for taking pictures of various computer environments. Sometimes you need to take pictures of your computer environment, for example, you will encounter an error on a computer because of the large number of lines it is not possible to write, so you need to be able to show it to someone who can solve your problem. Take a picture of the desired Error image. WinSnap For Pc is a product of NTWind Software, which has a lot of educational software development.

WinSnap 5.0.7 Download 32-64 Bit

With the WinSnap software, you’ll be able to easily take photos of your software, games, and other computing environments and save them in a variety of image formats. After taking the photo, the software gives you a variety of tools to help you edit different parts of the photo, for example, add a word or sentence in the corner of the image, or use a marker Demonstrate what you want and do a lot of other things with these tools.


  • Ability to create images from Windows in various circular and rectangular formats.
  • Ability to save in arbitrary format.
  • Possibility to send pictures and share them.
  • Unique application scenarios and the ability to capture all windows.
  • Ability to control mouse and keyboard.
  • Low quality images.
WinSnap 5.0.7 Download 32-64 BitWinSnap 5.0.7 Download 32-64 Bit
WinSnap 5.0.7 Download 32-64 Bit For Windows

The great application for taking pictures of various computer environments.

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