LLBLGen Pro 5.8.3 Download

LLBLGen Pro 5.8.3 Download is an answer for fast and convenient Entity Modeling and creates an entity model layer.

Review Of LLBLGen Pro 5.8.3

Free Download LLBLGen Pro 5.8.3 is a framework that works nicely with most existing ORMs such as Entity Framework, NHibernate, Linq To SQL, or even your customized ORMs. You can design the database modeling layer and then map it to your database. From now on, you solely need to write queries. LLBLGen maps object effortlessly in the relational model. It is widely used in many industrial projects around the world.

This product enables database modeling in both database-first and model-first approaches for developers, and switching between these two fashions is possible at every stage of the project. As it is more comprehensible to visual elements, this product, like different ORMs, uses graphical designers to map objects to the database, growing flexibility, reducing errors, extra straightforward configuration, and quicker deployment. In the design of this product, you can without problems model lots of different entities together.

LLBLGen Pro 5.8.3 Download

Features Of LLBLGen Pro 5.8.3

  • The elegant result for pall operations
  • Possibility of professional modeling of database data
  • Capability to use any. NET ORM frame
  • Speed up development

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LLBLGen Pro 5.8.3 DownloadLLBLGen Pro 5.8.3 Download
LLBLGen Pro 5.8.3 Download For Windows

The elegant result for pall operations

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