R-Wipe And Clean 20.0 Download

R-Wipe & Clean 20.0 Build 2223 is a new and functional application for cleaning up unwanted files and using the system as well as improving the security and privacy of users. The everyday use of computer systems creates a set of temporary data and useless files that over time will account for a large amount of system memory.

If you do not have control over these files, the hard disk space will gradually increase the user’s capacity to its final capacity. R-Wipe And Clean that we have prepared for download on this site, is able to detect such temporary and redundant files in the system and take steps to remove them.

By using R-Wipe And Clean 20, there is no need to manually search and delete these file types. With just one click, you can scan different parts of the system memory and remove any files from it.

R-Wipe And Clean 20.0 Download

In general, R Wipe And Clean can detect and trace 200 different applications in the system and completely delete the temporary and additional data related to them.


  • Ability to view scan results and clear unused system data.
  • Ability to identify temporary and extra files.
  • Clear user tracks in Internet activities.
  • Ability to clear temporary files in Windows.
  • Disk compatibility. NTFS and FAT32 format.
  • Release a significant amount of hard disk space.
R-Wipe And Clean 20.0 DownloadR-Wipe And Clean 20.0 Download
R-Wipe And Clean 20.0 Download For Windows

The functional application for cleaning up unwanted files.

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