SimpleMind Desktop Pro 1.22.0 Download

SimpleMind Desktop Pro 1.22.0 is a comprehensive application that thinks your computer is an ideal tool for ideas, designing mental maps and devices. Using SimpleMind Desktop Pro, you can implement all your ideas and ideas in a schematic and visual way with different shapes like types of tables, charts, graphical and geometric shapes, and then simply implement them.

Analyze and evaluate. The graphical interface provided for SimpleMind Desktop Pro 1.22 is very attractive, and the menus are designed in such a way that users can easily access and use them to get their ideas and thoughts in a graphical format. Design, view and analyze.

SimpleMind Desktop Pro 1.22.0 Download


  • Design in different shapes and shapes.
  • Link two charts to each other.
  • Ability to save and share designs as PDFs and photos.
  • Add a variety of multimedia files.
  • Ability to add links to maps.
  • Choose colors from the color palette for all elements.
  • Sync and save designs with Dropbox.
  • Organize maps in folders and regular files.
SimpleMind Desktop Pro 1.22.0 DownloadSimpleMind Desktop Pro 1.22.0 Download
SimpleMind Desktop Pro 1.22.0 Download For Windows

A mind Mapping tool that turns your computer into a brainstorming.

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